Bài tập cấu trúc whether 2

    “Is it going to rain?”, my friend asked me.

    -> My friend asked me ____.

    “Have you seen my umbrella?”, George asked.

    -> George asked me ____.

    “Is Anna not coming to the party?”, he wondered.

    -> He wondered ____.

    “Do you want me to come over?”, my sister asked.

    -> My sister asked ______.

    “Will you be my prom date, Elena?”, Matilda asked.

    -> Matilda asked Elena _____.

    “Was he here yesterday?”, the police wondered.

    -> The police wondered _____.

    “Can I borrow some money, Jane?”, Tina asked.

    -> Tina asked Jane ______.

    “If the dress does not fit you, you can bring back to our store.”, said the staff.

    -> The staff told me ____.

    “Will I recover soon?”, Boo asked the doctor.

    -> Boo asked the doctor ____.

    “Children, have you eaten breakfast?”, asked the teacher.

    -> The teacher asked the students _____.

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