Bài tự luyện IOE lớp 5


    Bài luyện tập IOE lớp 5 

    Exercise 1. Fill in the blank with correct letters


    2. Lucy has a so_e throat.

    3. so_ _times

    4. You look tired. You should take a r_ _t.

    5. It’s usually cool _ _ autumn.

    6. My mother needs a cart_n of milk.

    7. Why do you go to the gym regularly? ~ ______ ause I want to have good health.

    8. Peter is pretty bad _ _ science.

    9. My sister often s_ _fs the Internet in her free time.

    10. They never go swim_ _ng on Sundays.

    Exercise 2. Rearrange the words/phrases into complete sentences.

    1. mountain/That/ high./ is very

    2. far from/my/ is not/ The stadium/ school.

    3. often/How/ go/ do you/ fishing?

    4. is much/This house/ than/more beautiful/that one.

    5. three/ lessons/ on Mondays./ Lucy has

    6. weekend./ go to/ I’ll/ this/ the beach

    7. playing /The children/in the garden./ tug of war/are

    8. do you/ lessons?/ Why/ take/ piano

    9. off your/ shoes/ Please take/ entering this room./ before

    10. yesterday./ had a/Tony/ bad mark

    Exercise 3: Write the correct word/phrase in each blank

    • monkey
    • ball
    • play basketball
    • noodles
    • motorbike
    • cinema



    Exercise 4: Listen, read and choose True/False
    2. My grandfather is sixty-five years old.

    3. Her village is large and noisy.

    4. They went to see some beautiful new houses.

    5. He's reading Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

    6. Her brother has to take out the trash.

    7. She needs to buy some magazines.

    8. The pharmacy is opposite the park.

    9. Sam likes making car models and playing basketball.

    10. He came home early.

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