Bài tập cấu trúc By the time 2


    1. My brother (do) the housework by the time my mom gets home.

    2. By the time I completed my first task, Peter (complete) 4 tasks.

    3. By the time he (finish) his homework, his friends will have gone to the stadium. here!

    4. John and Jenny had eaten all the dishes by the time I (get) home.

    5. Sijo (become) a director by the time I get a job.

    6. By the time we found the cats, they (run) around the street.

    7. They will have solved the trouble successfully by the time Anne (find) a solution.

    8. My mom (cook) dinner by the time I got home.

    9. By the time Dylan (become) a famous singer, he will have practiced very hard.

    10. By the time the police arrived, the thief (run) away.

    11. By the time they ended the meeting, many teams (leave).

    12. My mother had already bought the medicines by the time I (be) sick.

    13. He (fall) in love with another girl by the time Anne expresses her feelings for him.

    14. By the time I finished preparing, they (arrive) at the party.