Bài tập Cấu trúc No sooner than

    1. I had no sooner finished preparing for the party than they came.

    2. We will no sooner get dressed than we will call you.

    3. Not only did they fix our home but they also redecorated it.

    4. No sooner had she eaten her meal than she took some medicine.

    5. We will not only visit the museum but we also have to write the assignment.

    6. No sooner will Anna come than we will take her to the best restaurant in the city.

    7. It was not until last weekend that I had time to go back to my hometown.

    8. No sooner had we planned for our trip than we went shopping for some clothes.

    9. Not until this kind of dress was sold out did she ask me.

    10. My family had no sooner moved to the new house than we made friends with our neighbors.