Bài tập cụm động từ bắt đầu bằng chữ W


    1. The teacher to the students as they left for the day. (wave)

    2. She her tears and put on a brave face. (wiped)

    3. My sister decided to a nonprofit organization to make a positive impact. (work)

    4. The scarf her neck to keep her warm in the winter chill. (wrap)

    5. He the decision for days before finally making up his mind. (wrestle)

    6. She tried to attending the meeting, but her boss insisted she be there. (wriggle)

    7. She goes to the gym every day to and stay fit. (work)

    8. He hit the gym to the extra calories from the indulgent dinner. (work)

    9. They had to the weekend to meet the deadline. (work)

    10. The team gathered to the new project and brainstorm ideas. (work)