Bài tập mệnh đề danh ngữ


    Bài tập mệnh đề danh ngữ

    1. My friend,Tommy, _________ parents live in Amsterdam, invited me to spend Christmas in Holland.

    2. Here’s the computer program________ I told you about.

    3. I don’t believe the story _________ Mary told us.

    4. Peter comes from Dong Nai, _________ is near HCM City.

    5. This is the gun with __________ the murder was committed.

    6. Is this the man _________ you asked me about.

    7. Have you received the parcel _______ I sent you?

    8. I don’t like people _________ never stops smoking.

    9. The meal, _________ wasn’t very tasty, was too expensive.

    10. We didn’t enjoy the play ________ we went to see.