Bài tập quá khứ của "learn"


    Welcome to your Bài tập quá khứ của "learn"

    1. Chia động từ “learn” theo các dạng thức phù hợp trong các câu dưới đây

    1. Mommy, can I how to make a birthday cake?
    2. This means to cook again.
    3. You have to face your problem and deal with it.
    4. But they might more from living independently from their parents.
    5. Don’t behave like that! You must  to trust me.

    2. Chia động từ “learn” sao cho phù hợp với các câu dưới đây

    1. People throughout their lives.
    2. Peter ABCs when he was in kindergarten.
    3. We have that “learned” is also used as an adjective.
    4. Did you  how to play a violin before?
    5. He suddenly shouted out when she was English.

    3. Chia động từ “learn” sao cho phù hợp với các câu dưới đây.

    1. Don’t be stupid! You don’t need to by putting your hand in the fire twice.
    2. English is a brilliant way to get a good job.
    3. He will have been to dance for 15 years at the end of this year.
    4. If she business, creative, and technology skills, she can achieve her personal and professional goals.
    5. I've  from bitter experience not to trust what he says.
    6. “Learn” is a high frequency used verb that must be .
    7. Will you new language just because you love it?
    8. He'll be a lot of new things this time next week.

    4. Chọn True hoặc False cho các phát biểu sau

    • “Learned” and “Learnt” can be used as past tense forms of “learn”.
    • “Learnt” is more commonly used in American English.
    • “He learned how to ride a motorbike 4 years ago”. “Learned” in this sentence is an adjective.
    • “She have learnt English since she was 6”. This sentence would be most commonly used in British English.
    • “He is a learned professor”. “Learned” in this sentence is an adjective.

    5. Chia động từ “learn” sao cho phù hợp với các câu dưới đây

    1. new things and try not to be so frustrated with yourself.
    2. Maybe I've  to hide my anxiety better.
    3. I want you to start about sales to be in charge of the work.
    4. Some of them just take the risk and along the way.
    5. She to cook again.
    6. The more you , the more learned you become.