Bài tập thì tương lai gần

    Bài 1: Chia động từ trong ngoặc

    1. Hung 22 next Monday (be).
    2. Next summer, I to my sister. My sister called me. (visit)
    3. It’s getting cold. I my scarf! (take)
    4. Are you going to school? Wait for me. I with you! (go)
    5. Hoa, these bags seem so heavy. I you carry them. (help)
    6. Look at those dark clouds. It . (rain)
    7. Bye, Linda. I you when I arrive home! (phone)
    8. What you (do) tomorrow? I (visit) my brother.
    9. What a handsome boy! I  him out next Sunday! (ask)
    10. Those strawberries seem delicious. We (buy) them.
    11. Be careful! That tree . (fall)
    12. Goodbye! I back! (be)
    13. They put on the shoes because they soccer. (play)
    14. It’s so hot inside the house, I think I on the air-conditioner. (turn)
    15. The final test  on July 8th. (be)

    Bài 2: Chọn câu trả lời phù hợp cho các câu dưới đây

    He is going to win.

    A. She is going to win.
    B. You are going to fail.
    C. I’m going to be ill.
    D. It isn’t going to rain.
    E. I’m not going to be ill.
    F. You aren’t going to fail.
    G. It’s going to rain.
    H. He isn’t going to win.
    1. Look at the black clouds.

    1. Why don’t you study hard for the exam?

    1. I feel so tired.

    1. The sun is shining beautifully.

    1. You are doing well.

    1. I’m fine.

    1. She is playing so well.

    1. He is the worst tennis player I know.

    Bài 3: Chọn đáp án đúng

    1. I (have)___________ a good time tomorrow.

    2. Kate (help)___________ me with my homework.

    3. (he/ drive)__________ the car to the company?

    4. We (stay)__________ at home this weekend.

    5. (you/ play)__________ badminton with Jade?

    Bài 4: Hãy viết các câu sau sử dụng cấu trúc “be going to+V”

    1. My mother/go on/ diet.

    2. He/ not/ drink so much wine.

    3. What/ you/ do/ tomorrow?

    4. you/have/a haircut?

    5. Lan/ tidy/ the living room.

    6. she/ copy/ the article.

    7. he/ punish/ you.

    8. they/ talk/ the problem.

    9. he/ get/ good marks.

    10. they/ rescue/ the boy.

    Bài 5: Hoàn thành các câu hỏi sau sử dụng thì tương lai gần

    1. Where /we / have dinner tonight /?

    2. What subject /she / have tomorrow /?

    3. What /you / eat for breakfast/?

    4. Who / carry/ this luggage/?

    5. What time / you / come home /?

    6. When /you / tell your mom the truth /?

    7. How much longer /it / take to reach the bus station/?

    8. Where / Jane/ sleep tonight/?

    9. Which dress/ you/ wear on the trip to Phu Quoc this weekend?

    10. What/ you/ do this summer vacation?