Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Listening 1


    Welcome to your Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Listening 1

    Nga is a student. Her family has just moved to the (1) . When Nga comes home after school, Nga’s parents are cooking in the (2) .

    Nga: Hi Dad. Hi Mom. I’m home. 

    Nga's parents: Hi sweetie. 

    Nga: What are you doing?

    Nga's parents: We’re cooking dinner.

    Nga: Wow! It looks (3) .

    Nga's parents: Yeah. We can have dinner in (4) minutes. How was your first day at the new school, sweetie?

    Nga: Oh, at first, I was a little (5) but everything turned out okay. My new classmates are very (6) . And the new teachers are nice and helpful, too. I think I will get used to the new school soon.

    Nga's parents: Great! So do you like your new school?

    Nga: Yes, Mom. It is not as big as my old one but there is a beautiful (7) with a lot of colorful flowers and trees. Oh, the playground is also very big.

    Nga's parents: What did you do at breaktime?

    Nga: I skipped with my new friends, Mai and Lan. And some boys played (8) in the playground.

    Nga's parents: That sounds fun. Ah, do you need to wear a (9) ?

    Nga: Yes, Mom. Next week, I will have my uniform. I have to wear a uniform everyday except Saturday.

    Nga's parents: That’s good.

    Nga: Oh, my history teacher is very great. You know, I don’t like history but her lesson was not boring at all. It was really (10) . And she is young, about 25 years old.

    Nga's parents: How lovely!