Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Reading 2


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    Miss Hanh lives in an apartment with her husband in Hanoi. Now she is thirty years old. She is an English teacher at secondary school. Let’s talk about her daily routine. She gets up at six o’clock and prepares breakfast. She always has a quick and easy breakfast to save time. Then, she usually goes to school by her motorbike at 7 a.m. After teaching time, she has lunch at twelve o'clock in the school canteen with her colleague. About her teaching schedule, she teaches her students in the morning. She has 10 lessons a week. She teaches very well. Also, she has a lot of patience. She can teach until all of the students understand. In the evening, she spends time at home listening to music. On the weekend, she sometimes goes to the movie theater with her friend to relax.

    1. Who lives with Miss Hanh?

    2. What does she do?

    3. What time does she get up in the morning?

    4. Why does she like quick and easy breakfast?

    5. How does she go to work?

    6. What time does she have lunch?

    7. Who eats lunch with her?

    8. How many lessons does she have a week?

    9. What kind of person is she?

    10. What does she do on the weekend?