Bài tập ứng dụng sau "like" dùng to V hay Ving


    Welcome to your Bài tập ứng dụng sau "like" dùng to V hay Ving

    Chia động từ “like” phù hợp

    1. she watching cartoons? Yes, she .
    2. He playing football.
    3. They talking about volleyball.
    4. you playing video games?
    5. We (not) watching.
    6. My father reading newspaper everyday.
    7. My sister (not) hanging out.
    8. he playing tennis?
    9. His family going picnic together.
    10. My dad (not) smoking.

    1. playing/ cousin/ Her/ video games/ likes/ 
    2. park/ doesn’t/ His/ going/ the/ aunt/ like/ to/ ./
    3. she/ What/ like/ does/ doing/ ?/
    4. 4. don’t/ sisters/ My/ eating/ like/ tomato/ ./
    5. you/ piano/ the/ like/ playing/ Do?
    6. father/ reading/ likes/ My/ morning/ magazine/ in
    7. Jennie/ at/ get/ Does/ up/ 6.00?
    8. your/ What/ mother’s/ is/ hobby?
    9. What/ your/ doing/ sister/ like/ does/ ?
    10. collecting/ His/ likes/ stamps/ brother/ coins/ and/ ./

    Chọn động từ phù hợp sau “Like”

    She likes … to folk music.

    Between soccer and tennis, I like …. the former.

     I don’t like ….

    I like ….  stamps.

    When making tea, he usually likes…. some sugar and a slice of lemon in first.