Bài tập về few, a few, little, a little


    1. England has sunshine in the winter. That's why so many British people go on holiday to sunny places!

    2. There's food left in the cupboard. Shall we eat it tonight?

    3. There are programmes on TV that I want to watch. I prefer to download a film or read a book.

    4. She actually  has  self-confidence. She has a lot of trouble talking to new people.

    5. There are women politicians in the US. Some people think there should be more.

    6. It's a great pity, but the hospital has medicine. They can't help many people.

    7. I've bought cakes to give away. Would you like one?

    8. There's soda left in the fridge. It should be enough for our cocktail.

    9.  children from this school go on to college, unfortunately.

    10. Do you need information on Chinese grammar? I have books on the topic if you would like to borrow them.

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