Bài tập về phó từ trong tiếng Anh

    Bài 1: Xác định tính từ trong câu và điền phó từ tương ứng vào chỗ trống:

    Ví dụ: Jane’s mother is beautiful. Jane is also ......beautifully....... 

    1. James is rude. He behaves
    2. I have a happy life. I smile
    3. She is a good player. She plays really
    4. Alex’s English is fluent. She speaks English
    5. The house is ugly. They built it
    6. Your message is short. You write the message
    7. Anna is lovely. She does everything

    Bài 2: Xác định phó từ trong câu và phân loại chúng rồi điền vào chỗ trống.

    Ví dụ: She walks slowly.

    …………slowly: phó từ chỉ cách thức…………

    1. Regularly, the boy practiced his presentation.
    2. I’m out of the room.
    3. Are you really sure?
    4. Always try your best when you have a chance.
    5. He solved the problem wisely.
    6. He is a gentleman. He treats women politely.
    7. I could hardly recognise him.
    8. It is hot in the summer.