Bài tập với cấu trúc “More and more”

    Điền tính từ trong ngoặc vào chỗ trống sử dụng cấu trúc “More and more”.

    1. The tests given by the teacher are (difficult). 
    2. The traffic here is getting (dangerous). 
    3. They try (hard) to make ends meet for their family.   
    4. The boys are getting (tall) thanks to drinking milk every day. 
    5. The movie will be (interesting) if you watch till the end. 
    6. My kids are becoming (naughty). I feel tired these days.  
    7. Her husband is (successful) in his business. 
    8. Have you met the doctor? You look (weak) recently. 
    9. The goods sold in the local supermarket are (expensive). 
    10. If you don’t apologize to your mother, she will be (angry)