Bài tập với cấu trúc The last time

    I. Sắp xếp các từ cho sẵn thành một câu hoàn chỉnh

    1. zoo/ time/ we/ ago/ the/ years/ The/ to/ was/ last/ 4/ the/ children/ took/ .

    2. my/ Christmas/ family/ time/ The/ was/ at/ gathered together/ last/ .

    3. she/ me/ last/ email/ time/ last/ an/ to/ The/ sent/ year/ was/ .

    4. went/ time/ was/ the/ to/ When/ the/ you/ last/ cinema/ ?

    5. years/ time/ brother/ ago/ traveled abroad/ was/ 3/ her/ last/ The/ .

    6. they/ was/ time/ danced/ together/ last/ When/ the/ ?

    7. visited/ last/ parents/ been/ hometown/ months/ my/ It’s/ their/ since/ .

    8. week/ at/ saw/ party/ I/ last/ a/ her/ last/ .

    9. since/ They/ each/ haven’t/ met/ the graduation ceremony/ other/ .

    10. haven’t/ long/ family/ you/ with/ your/ lived/ How/ ?