Bài tự luyện IOE lớp 4


    Bài tự luyện IOE lớp 4 

    Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer.

    1. Which can you buy from a furniture shop?

    2. What time _________the talk show start yesterday? - At 10am.

    3. My children are scared _________ snakes.

    4. How many syllables does the word "elephant" have?

    5. A: Give me that racket, please. B: _________

    6. _________ is the kite? – It’s in the sky.

    7. They grew vegetables and hunted _______ for their meat.

    8. The birds are singing and the sun _________ beautifully today.

    9. What’s your favorite _______ ? - Pizza.

    10. _________ some tomatoes in the fridge.

    Exercise 2: Fill in the blank with correct letters

    1. brot_er 

    2. Can she r_de a bike?

    3. Minh is writing a dic_ _tion.

    4. I st_dy at Hanoi International school.

    5. We went to the zoo l_ _t Sunday.

    6. Her brother pl_ _ _ the piano vell well.

    7. What does your mother look li_ _? – She’s tall and pretty.

    8. Mrs. White water_ _ the flowers this morning.

    9. Peter is going to take part _ _ a singing contest.

    10. Linda is dra_ing a picture.

    Exercise 3: Write the correct word/phrase in each blank

    • football
    • village
    • crocodile
    • sing
    • vegetable
    • fly a kite

    Exercise 4: Listen, read and choose True/False
    2. Sparrow is a kind of bird.

    3. They play hide-and-seek.

    4. Lucy should do more exercise.

    5. Her birthday is on the third of June.

    6. I feel much stronger than yesterday.

    7. Would you like some watermelon?

    8. Anne is going to take part in a ballet class next week.

    9. The Greens are waiting for their friends at the railway station.

    10. My father is an architect.

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