Hardly when là gì?

    1. No sooner had I arrived at the airport than I saw my aunt’s family.

    2. Hardly had I turned off my computer when he borrowed it.

    3. No sooner had we come than the party began.

    4. Hardly had the grocery store opened when she came in.

    5. No sooner had they asked for some snacks than the waiter provided them.

    6. No sooner had my daughter bought a new notebook than she found the old one out.

    7. No sooner had I chosen my favorite bag in this store than he took me to another one.

    8. Hardly had my team ended the presentation when the teacher asked some questions.

    9. No sooner had John picked the bottle up off the ground than it fell again.

    10. Hardly had I saved the file when the laptop ran out of charge.

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