Luyện tập Movers Reading & Writing Part 5: Bài số 1


    Luyện tập Movers Reading & Writing Part 5: Bài số 1 Bài 1

    1. Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

    Daisy’s family lived in a flat in the city, but every weekend they drove to the countryside to see Daisy’s grandparents. They lived on a farm. In the car, last Saturday, the family talked about the farm. ‘It’s so quiet there!’ Daisy’s Mum said. ‘I like working outside!’ her father said. ‘I love helping Grandpa with all the animals,’ Daisy said. ‘Look! Here we are!’


    Daisy’s home was in …the city…

    Daisy’s family went to the …countryside… by car every weekend.


    1 Daisy’s mother liked the farm because it was a place.

    2 Daisy enjoyed working with all   on the farm.

    They were surprised when they saw six noisy trucks on the farm. And when they got out of the car, it started to rain. It was cold, too. ‘Oh dear!’ Daisy’s mum said. ‘It’s very noisy here today.’ ‘And I can’t work outside in this rain,’ Daisy’s father said. ‘Well, you two can sit and have tea with Grandma,’ said Daisy. ‘But I have to help Grandpa with the cows and sheep!’

    3 There were some noisy outside the house when they drove into the farm.

    4 Daisy’s dad didn’t want to in the wet weather.

    5 Daisy told her mum  to go and have tea with her grandmother.

    Daisy worked all afternoon in the cold, wet weather. She gave the cows their dry grass, washed some sheep and carried vegetables. After dinner, Daisy was tired but happy. ‘The best farmer in your family isn’t your dad or your mum. It’s you, Daisy!’ her grandfather said. ‘That’s good because I want to be a farmer like you one day, Grandpa,’ Daisy answered!

    6 Daisy was tired but   after all her work outside.

    7 Grandfather said Daisy was   in her family!