Part 3: Exam practice (Luyện đề)

    2. Complete summaries A and B with words from the corresponding passages below. Use NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.

    Hoàn thành phần tóm tắt A và B với các từ trong đoạn văn tương ứng bên dưới. SỬ DỤNG KHÔNG QUÁ MỘT TỪ cho mỗi câu trả lời.

    Summary A

    There should be a small number of (1) at meetings and there needs to be a (2) for any meeting, which will include a clear agenda. During the meeting there needs to be good (3) management and clarity about what the meeting should hopefully (4) . At the end, there should be a summary and agreement about (5) action.

    Summary B

    Working with other people is not always easy, but it is (6) for the role of managers that they have interpersonal skills that are (7) . Their (8) may need encouragement and help with (9) and solving problems between colleagues.