1. I'm planning to ___________ to the gym tomorrow morning.

    2. He ___________ a new laptop for his birthday.

    3. They have ___________ the contract for the new project.

    5. We have ___________ to finish the project by the end of the month.

    6. The children ___________ excited when they saw the presents under the Christmas tree.

    7. She needs to ___________ up early to catch the morning train.

    8. They are ___________ to move to a new city next year.

    9. He has ___________ in trouble with the law before.

    10. She ___________ a promotion at work last week.

    11. I _____ my wallet stolen on the train.

    12. Tom and linda _____ married last summer.

    13. We _____ to the airport early and had plenty of time to check in.

    14. He _____ his driver's license when he was 22.

    15. She _____ a ticket to the concert last week.

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