1. I need someone to me to submit the report tomorrow.

    2. Do you to call your mother on her birthday?

    3. She always me to take my umbrella when it's raining.

    4. I can't his name, even though we were friends in high school.

    5. Please me to buy milk on my way home.

    6. He himself to study for the exam all night.

    7. I the day we first met like it was yesterday.

    8. Can you me to pick up the dry cleaning on your way home?

    9. She her childhood with fondness.

    10. I to bring my passport for the trip.

    11. He always me to turn off the lights before leaving the room.

    12. Do you where you put your keys?

    13. I can't the last time we had dinner together.

    14. Please me to book a table at the restaurant for tonight.

    15. She me of my grandmother with her gentle voice.

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