Bài tập Tính từ ghép – viết lại câu


    1. His degree course took two years to complete.
    -> It was a

    2. It takes fifty minutes to drive from my house to work.
    -> It is a

    3. My cat has got short legs.
    -> It is a

    4. Only students who carry their cards are allowed inside.
    -> Only

    5. Kathy always looks rather angry.
    -> Kathy is a rather

    6. John dresses in a scruffy manner.
    -> John is a

    7. My son behaves well.
    -> My son is a

    8. This celebrity is very conscious of his image.
    -> This celebrity is

    9. What’s the name of that dish that smells horrible?
    -> What is the name of that ?

    10. This gift was made by hand.
    -> This is a

    11. This painting is from the sixteenth century.
    -> It is a

    12. This story broke my heart.
    -> This is