Trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian


    Welcome to your Trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian

    1. I will call my mom before I ________ over.

    2. After Matthew graduates, he ________ a job.

    3. When I _________ Lisa tomorrow, I will ask her.

    4. As soon as it _________ raining, we will go to the party.

    5. By the time Anne comes, I will have already __________.

    6. Whenever I ________ my friend, I say hello.

    7. The next time I go to London, I am going ________ a ballet.

    8. I will never speak to Sophie again so long as I _______.

    9. By the time Linda ______ to bed tomorrow, she will have had a full day.

    10. As soon as I finish my business plan, I will call my girlfriend and we ________ out for dinner.

    11. By the time I return to my hometown, I _________ away from here for more than five years.

    12. After he _______ dinner tomorrow, he will get ready to sleep.

    13. As soon as she finishes breakfast, she _______ the children to a nearby playground.

    14. When Mary gets home tomorrow afternoon, her son and daughter ___________ in the yard.

    15. She will work at this desk until she ______ to another meeting in the afternoon.