Bài tập cấu trúc After 3

    1. Vacuum the carpets ___ your mother comes home.

    2. Ella left Poland in 2006 and hasn’t returned ___.

    3. “When did you arrive in Paris?” “I arrived there three years ___.

    4. Kathy testified in court that she had never seen the man ___.

    5. Alice went to work in Japan for 6 years ___, and I haven’t seen her since.

    6. He runs ___ her.

    7. The water and electricity have been cut off in our tenement house ___ early this morning.

    8. Treasures were found ____ the wall.

    9. I left the cinema ___ the boring film ended.

    10. My grandmother used to cook and my grandfather washed up ___ dinner.

    11. In the morning, I went shopping with my friend. ___ we had lunch.

    12. It was the hottest October ___ records began.

    13. ___ their daughter moved out, the house was very quiet.

    14. For a long time, nobody spoke. ___ someone asked a question.

    15. He won’t marry ___ he gets a job.

    16. We’ll discuss the plans ___ he gives the presentation.

    17. Emma went to work in New York a year ago, and we haven’t seen her ___.

    18. He went out to play ___ he did his homework.

    19. She is standing ___ me.

    20. I’ll go and see her ___.

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