Bài tập cấu trúc "How often"

    Trả lời câu hỏi “How often” với các trạng từ/ cụm trạng từ/ thành ngữ cho sẵn, chú ý chia thì phù hợp

    1. How often do you bring food along to work?


    2. How often are they at the office?


    3. How often did he meet her at school?

    from time to time

    4. How often does your family go to the beach?

    twice a month

    5. How often do you do yoga a week?

    a couple of times

    6. How often does Jane visit her aunt?

    every 3 months

    7. How often was John late?

    once in a blue moon

    8. How often do you send gifts to your beloved people?


    9. How often do they travel a year?

    5 times

    10. How often does he call his parents?

    every day

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