Bài tập cấu trúc "neither nor" "either or"

    1. John and Daniel didn't keep her secrets. (neither…nor)

    2. Tommy should apologize or leave. (either...or)

    3. Mary isn't very considerate. Neither is Daniel. (neither...nor)

    4. Tommy used to date Anne. Or was it Mary? (either...or)

    5. Jane never listens to or advises her friends when they have problems. (neither...nor)

    6. June doesn’t like fruits. I don’t like fruits either. (neither…nor)

    7. We could have lunch at home. We could also go to the restaurant to eat. (either… or)

    8. She doesn’t like dogs or cats. (neither…nor)

    9. I’m going to buy one of these skirts. One is pink, the other is black. (either…or)

    10. Jane hasn’t got a computer. Tommy hasn’t got one, either. (neither…nor)

    11. Is that her name Mary? Or is it Rachel? It’s one of the two. (either…or)

    12. I’m not in Ha Noi city. I’m not in Ho Chi Minh city. (either…or)

    13. She can leave Scotland today or she can leave Scotland tomorrow – whichever you prefer. (either…or)

    14. John hasn’t got a smartphone. Peter hasn’t got one either. (neither…nor)

    15. John doesn’t play badminton and he doesn’t play basketball. (neither…nor)