Bài tập “Disappointed” đi với giới từ gì


    Welcome to your Bài tập “Disappointed” đi với giới từ gì

    Bài tập 1: Điền giới từ thích hợp theo sau “disappointed” để hoàn thiện các câu sau đây.

    1. She was disappointed the result of the competition after putting in so much effort. 
    2. I am disappointed her behavior.
    3. I am disappointed the game, but I suppose that’s what happens.
    4. I am disappointed the way my colleagues handled that situation.
    5. We're disappointed the new car.

    Bài tập 2: Điền giới từ thích hợp theo sau “disappointed” để hoàn thiện các câu sau đây.

    1. She was disappointed the lack of support she received during a difficult time.
    2. I am disappointed hearing the news that the project has been delayed again.
    3. I know that you are disappointed my error.
    4. We are disappointed all of the terrible things that have been happening, just as much as you are.
    5. We were shocked and disappointed this decision.

    Bài tập 3: Hoàn thiện các đoạn hội thoại sau đây.

    1. A: I broke up with my boyfriend. B: _______________________________

    2. A: Did you hear the announcement yesterday? Our prom was cancelled due to the upcoming storm. B: ______________________________

    3. I stayed up all night preparing for today’s presentation, but I still couldn’t do it well. ______________________________

    4. A: I couldn’t book flight tickets for both of us. There is only one seat left. B: Really? ______________________________. Should we change the flight?

    5. My parents said I’ve done a great job with my university entrance exam. But______________________________

    Bài tập 4: Chọn phương án chính xác nhất.

    The team felt _______ after losing the championship game.

    He was disappointed _______ himself for not studying harder.

    He was upset _______ that his favorite band had canceled their concert.

    The child was disappointed _____ her mother not buying an chocolate ice-cream.

    The customer was disappointed _______ the quality of the product.

    Bài tập 5: Chọn phương án chính xác nhất:

    The children were _______ that the amusement park was closed.

    Fans of the original film will be extremely disappointed _______ this remake.

    I was disappointed _______ Nguyet. She said she would stand by me, but she didn’t.

    I must say that I was disappointed _______ his language capability.

    Mai: I heard that the new restaurant in town isn't very good. Linh: Really? _______ I was hoping for a good dining experience.