Bài tập ôn luyện 12 thì trong tiếng Anh

    Chia động từ các từ trong ngoặc cho phù hợp

    1. Vietnamese people generally (eat) sticky rice cakes at Tet. 
    2. Mary (look) for her mobile phone at the moment. 
    3. My sister (be) talkative a year ago. 
    4. (you visit) Australia before you graduated?
    5. My friends and I (not eat) anything yet. 
    6. We (try) to fix your computer all day but it still can’t work. 
    7. What (you do) when I called you? 
    8. I (bring) food to work tomorrow. 
    9. Her son (leave) school by the end of next year. 
    10. She felt tired so she (sleep) until then.
    11. John (celebrate) his birthday party next weekend. 
    12. Paper (be) made from wood. 
    13. I (speak) in the presentation at this time yesterday.
    14. Her husband (wait) for her for 2 hours by 11AM.
    15. He (listen) to the radio every morning in the past.