Bài tập “permit to V” hay “V-ing”

    Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc:

    1. Please let me (go) out this morning.
    2. Taking a photo or a selfie is (permit) in the museum
    3. Children do not permit (smoke)
    4. They advised me (have) a healthier diet.
    5. My kids are (permit) to register for this competition. 
    6. It is not (permit) to chat or talk in this room.
    7. He needs a ( permit) to move in this area of the event.
    8. Why you )not allow) him to come here?
    9. My parents do not (permit) me to say that word. 
    10. Let us (have) a trip to the museum at the weekend.