Bài tập Permit to V hay V-ing

    Bài 1: Chia động từ trong ngoặc

    1. They don’t permit foreigners (visit) this national museum.
    2. The doctor doesn’t permit (drink) alcohol.
    3. I wasn’t allowed (watch) violent movies.
    4. My boyfriend won’t let me (know) what my birthday present is.
    5. Peter never permits anybody (ask) questions.
    6. My dad permitted me and my sisters (eat) out tonight.
    7. The manager doesn’t permit (smoke) in her room.

    Bài 2: Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi 

    Bài 3: Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

    1. Hoa is allowed (eat) as many vegetables as she likes.
    1. The girls were allowed (go) on a vacation trip to Seoul together.
    1. The goal in the match last night (not allow) by the referee.
    1. They are allowed (stay) here for 3 days.
    1. The children aren’t allowed  (play) football on the pavement.