Chọn đáp án đúng cho những câu sau:


    Chọn đáp án đúng cho những câu sau:

    1. Hydropower plants –  water power to generate electricity.

    2. I couldn’t –  when he wrote.

    3. We –  these scraps of paper to make lovely souvenirs.

    4. It’s getting late, we’d better turn and –  home.

    5. The looters –  all the money that was in the store.

    6. Many churches have been –  flats in recent years.

    7. He is trying to – the opponents’ weakness.

    8. As far as I can –, she is a kind person.

    9. Farmers can – some land while other areas nearby are less attractive, or even repel them.

    10. She accepts to be with him just to – it.

    11. He – her like a mad man.

    12. She – in films when she was still a teenager.

    13. She –  the old cloth to make that dress.

    14. –  your mind after thinking it over carefully.

    15. Can you – $5 for now and I’ll give you the rest tomorrow?

    16. He –  the evening time to work part-time.

    17. The police gave chase, but the thieves –  the jewels. 

    18. I often wonder what future generations will –  our efforts.

    19. They were trying to –  that I’d actually done it.

    20. Everyone – the exit as soon as the show was over.

    21. –  someone is a bad thing to do.

    22. Masked robbers broke in and – $10,000.

    23. It’s time we gave the kitchen a – .

    24. She wore no – but some alluring perfume made her smell like heaven.

    25. Thieves –  a computer and two iPhones

    26. The thieves had to –  in their car when the police arrived.

    27. Because she spoke so quietly, we could hardly –  what she was saying.

    28. Make with the money you owe me!

    29. –  your vacation to learn more interesting things!

    30. We often quarrel but we always –  soon after.

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