Have been là thì gì


    I. Điền vào chỗ trống “have/ has been to” hoặc “have/ has gone to” cho phù hợp

    1. My children school. They will play football after that.

    2. We’re thinking of going to Nha Trang this summer. - Oh really? I that city. It’s so beautiful.

    3. We (not) our hometown before.

    4. Her brother the library to borrow some books. Then he will come home and do homework.

    5. She that restaurant before. She loved the food there.

    6. His mother the shopping mall to buy a new dress. I don’t know when she will come home.

    7. I Canada for months. This was one of the most peaceful countries I have ever known.

    8. Jane the city for weeks. She is now living in the countryside.

    9. They the museum for an hour and haven’t come home yet.

    10. I (not) California yet.