Quá khứ phân từ

    Điền động từ ở dạng quá khứ phân từ thích hợp

    1. The food at this restaurant is always quickly. (bring out)
    2. He had playing games before you came. (stop)
    3. I love the photos by him. (take)   
    4. We will have each other by the end of the week. (meet)
    5. The watch in your house last night is mine. (find)
    6. This beautiful dress will be in the party tomorrow. (wear)
    7. The ball was to me but I couldn't catch it. (throw)
    8. This is the first time I have to school. (walk)
    9. She loves the book by her brother on her birthday. (give)
    10. The child is getting when you shout at them. (frighten)