Since là dấu hiệu của thì nào


    Since đóng vai trò gì trong các câu sau đây? Điền vào chỗ trống GT (giới từ) hoặc TN (từ nối) cho thích hợp

    1. Since moving to that city, she hasn’t joined any dancing class.

    2. We haven’t seen each other since last month.

    3. My brother doesn’t eat seafood since he is allergic to it.

    4. Her children had gone to school by bus since they were 5.

    5. I am learning how to play guitar since I love it.

    6. He bought a new computer since the old one has broken down.

    7. She has slept since coming back home after school.

    8. My parents love taking photos since they want to keep good memories.

    9. I haven’t held any party ever since.

    10. He has waited for her since 6P.M.