Welcome to your Stop

    Bài 1: Chia động từ trong ngoặc

    1. Tung stopped (work) for them last week.
    2. On the way to N.Y, we stopped  (look)  at a museum.
    3. I have stopped  (walk) to school.
    4. Hung stopped  (wait) for his mother.
    5. Linh stopped off  (play)  in the park on her way home.
    6. I’ve stopped  (use) plastic bags in markets.
    7. Students should stop  (plagiarize) during the test.
    8. He stopped (go) to school because his family has been in financial difficulty.
    9. We stopped  (look) at the wildflowers.
    10. I stopped  (have)  dinner at 19:00.
    11. Lan stopped (contact)  for me last week.
    12. I stopped  (watch) TV.
    13. John stopped  (call)  for his wife.
    14. I stopped  (play) badminton to go out with my friend.
    15. I stopped (have) a coffee because she felt so tired.

    Bài 2: Chọn đáp án đúng

    1. When I was traveling to Ha Giang, I stopped (catch) ______ the sight of the mountain.

    2. Class! Stop (talk) _______ in the classroom.

    3. The bus stops (pick) ______ new passengers.

    4. Children started playing when it stopped (rain) ______.

    5. The car stopped (run) ______ when we were in the desert.

    Bài 3: Sắp xếp từ thành câu hoàn chỉnh

    1. movies/ I/ up/ often/ stop/ late/ watch/ to.

    2. at/ doing/ night/ late/ stops/ homework/ up/ Cuong.

    3. Francisco/ stopped/ The plane/ over.

    4. stopped by/ uncle's house/ her/ Lyly/ last weekend.

    5. asking/the/Jane/ stopped off/ way.