Bài tập về cấu trúc Suggest

    Bài 1: Chia động từ trong ngoặc.

    1. My teacher suggested I (study) harder to pass the English exam.
    2. My boss suggested I (summit) the research before April.
    3. His leader suggested (be) on time.
    4. Lan suggests they (have) a party every month.
    5. The coach suggested that they (have) a Zalo group.
    6. His parents suggest he (get) married soon.
    7. We have suggested (go) to Japan for this summer vacation.
    8. My older sister suggests that I (play) basketball to have good health.
    9. I suggest (send) a gift to our mom on Mother's Day.
    10. I suggested that we (invite) Tuan to the party.
    11. It’s so hot outside. We suggest (close) the window and (turn) on the air-conditioner.
    12. My friend suggests that I (look)   for a part-time job to earn more money.
    13. John has suggested (go) to the park for a walk.
    14. The government suggests (travel) by bus to reduce environmental pollution.
    15. The doctor suggested that we (eat) more vegetables and fruit.

    Bài 2: Chọn đáp án đúng

    1. I suggest (collect) ___ new books and notebooks.

    2. I suggest that you (work) __________harder on your skill.

    3. I suggest (collect) __________unused books.

    4. I suggest that you (listen) __________to English programs on the internet or on TV.

    5. I suggest (organize) __________a show to raise money.

    6. I suggest that you (practice) __________writing English sentences.

    7. I suggest (play) ___ football after school.

    8. I suggest that you (use) __________English with friends in class.

    9. I suggest (take) _________a taxi home.

    10. I suggest that you (practice) __________listening to English lessons on tapes.

    11. I suggest (help) __________poor families with their chores.

    12. I suggest that you (join) __________English speaking clubs.

    13. I suggest (give) __________lessons to poor children.

    14. I suggest that you (have) __________a good English dictionary.

    15. She suggests (help) _________street children.

    Bài 3: Viết lại câu

    1. Why don’t you ask her about his information?

    => I suggest

    1. “Why don’t you put a better lock on the door, Linh?” said Lan

    => Lan suggested

    1. “Why don’t you put your luggage under the seat?” he asked.

    => He suggested

    1. Why don’t you meet Mr.Brown to discuss the problem?

    => I suggest

    1. “You’d better go to the doctor if you’ve got pain in your back, Quan.” Tuan said.

    => Tuan suggested

    1. The nurse advised me to have a short break.

    => The nurse suggested

    1. “Let’s go for a walk in the park, Ha!” said An.

    => An suggested

    1. “I would help her if I were you,” said Peter.

    => Peter suggested

    1. Everyone has suggested not planting trees here.

    => It has been suggested that

    1. “How about having a picnic?”, Hoa asked.

    => Hoa suggested

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