Bài tập cấu trúc When

    Bài 1: Chọn when/while điền vào chỗ trống.

    1. I first met my husband (when/while) I was staying in Germany.
    2. (when/while)  I was talking to my aunt on the phone, and my dad came home.
    3. We were watching Netflix (when/while) the electricity went off.
    4. (when/while)  Jane is working, she doesn’t often listen to music.
    5. (when/while)  I was in my hometown in the summer, and power cuts were very frequent.
    6. My student texted me (when/while) I was going to sleep. 
    7. Linh was very sad (when/while) things hadn’t been going well for days.
    8. We were having dinner (when/while) my teacher came.
    9. He read the newspaper (when/while) I cooked dinner.
    10. I often visited my uncle (when/while) I was a child.
    11. I was having dinner the telephone rang.
    12. they were sleeping, somebody broke into their house.
    13. She slept I cooked.
    14. you called, he picked up his cell phone.
    15. I often went to the museum I was 10.

    Bài 2: Chia động từ trong ngoặc

    1. When I (study) hard for the final exam, my friend (pass)   by to visit me.
    2. When Hoa (do) a language course in English, she (visit) the USA.
    3. Happily, when we (get up) yesterday, the rain (not, fall) .
    4. While John (play) badminton, his sister (walk) around.
    5. While we (jog) in the park, we (see) a lot of butterflies.
    6. While my mother is washing dishes, my father (water) the trees. 
    7. When he (be) a child, he usually went to the zoo.
    8. While I was doing exercise, my wife (cook) dinner.
    9. When I lived in Japan, I (work) as an electrical engineer. 
    10. While I (talking) with my friend, the bus arrived. 
    11. My uncle (break) his leg while he was fixing his house’s roof.
    12. Our parents (divorce) when I was 12. 
    13. I was doing my homework when my father (come) home.
    14. She watched the news on TV when she (sit) in the restaurant. 
    15. When she (finish) the exam, she went shopping.