Bài tập về từ bắt đầu bằng chữ F

    Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống trong các câu dưới đây


    1. Daniel is such a -weather friend! He is never there when we need him. 
    2. The Brown family held the annual Thanksgiving in the biggest room of their house.
    3. Excuse me, may I ask you a ?
    4. Children, make sure to your seat belts.
    5. Unfortunately, her music career was just a in the pan. 
    6. Regina is making amounts of money.
    7. All contestants of this game must the rules. Otherwise, they will be eliminated immediately.
    8. Catherine: “It was so boring talking to James!”.
      Kathy: “I know right! He could never stop talking about himself and his achievements. He was so of himself!”.
    9. Studying in a country has made me become more independent and mature.
    10. I share the with 2 other people to save up money.

    Điền những chữ cái còn thiếu vào ô trống để tạo thành từ có nghĩa

    1. Frsh as a dis
    2. Fa
    3. Faship
    4. Fater 
    5. Fiends in hgh places
    6. Fce the msic
    7. Febe
    8. Fndamntl
    9. Fether your wn nst
    10. A fregone cnclusion

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