Bài tập No sooner than

    Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi


    1. As soon as he went home, one of the robbers attacked him. (No sooner…than..)

    2. She fell asleep as soon as she finished her homework. (Hardly…when…)

    3. As soon as I ate the fish. I had a stomach ache. (No sooner…than…)

    4. He listened to what she said first. Immediately after that, he started asking her questions. (Scarcely…when…)

    5. As soon as he stepped into the bathroom the cell phone rang. (No sooner…than)

    6. No sooner had I received her call than I left for her place. (as soon as)

    7. No sooner had she finished one project than she started the next. (After that)

    8. No sooner had I eaten the fish than I started feeling sick. (After)

    9. No sooner had they completed the work than they demanded the wages. (as soon as)

    10. No sooner had I gotten my bags unpacked than I realized that my camera was missing. (Hardly ... when ...)