Bài tập afraid đi với giới từ gì 1


    1. All students were afraid of (fail) the exam.

    2. He's afraid to (tell) his mom about it.

    3. Tom is afraid of (lose) his phone.

    4. He's afraid of (fly) in small planes.

    5. I really enjoyed how the movie wasn't afraid to (touch) on Mary's illness with serious undertones.

    6. John is still afraid to (get) close to me

    7. She wanted to talk to mom or one of Tom's sisters but was afraid of (upset) them.

    8. The girl wasn't afraid to (say) what she believed.v

    9. I was afraid of  (offend) her feelings.

    10. I don't like to drive too fast because I am afraid of (crash).

    11. He was afraid to (make) a speech.

    12. My mom is afraid of (wake) my brothers.

    13. Why is Linda afraid to (go) to sleep?

    14. Daniel is afraid of (lose) way.

    15. Mindy is afraid of (tell) her mom the truth.